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Our history

1835: The John Chatillon & Sons Company, weighing scales, is founded in New York and 2010 marked the 175th anniversary of Chatillon products and innovations in force measurement and weighing.

1945: Frode Pedersen & Co. A/S is founded in Denmark. The company specializes in import of equipment for electrical temperature measurements. The company starts manufacturing temperature sensors in 1950 and obtains its current position as the leading Danish manufacturer of industrial temperature sensors.

1954: Newage Testing Instruments, USA, is started and manufactures equipment for hardness testing of metals and rubber. Particularly Newage’s ability to customize and seamlessly integrate their hardness testers into existing production lines makes the company a success.

1966: Mansfield & Green, USA introduces the deadweight tester based on the "floating ball"-principle, that is easy to use and very precise for pressure measurement and calibration.

1966: Lloyd Instruments Ltd., is founded by Julian Lloyd. The company develops and sells electrical equipment used for education of electrical engineers. In 1978 Lloyd Instruments introduces its first material test machine.

1982: Crystal Engineering was founded to specialize in combining two new silicon technologies: Large scale integrated circuits (LSI) and MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) pressure sensors.

1984: Johanna Schiessl and husband Frank Schiessl founds JOFRA Instruments, based on the first commercially manufactured and sold dry block temperature calibrator. The business concept is to deliver portable calibration instruments to meet the increasing demand for accurate and stable calibration in the field, a primary driver being ISO.

1991: AMETEK Inc acquires JOFRA Instruments and changes the company name to AMETEK Denmark A/S, while maintaining the strong JOFRA brand. The business unit, AMETEK Calibration Instruments, is created incorporating Mansfield & Green.

1991: Technitrol Inc, USA acquires Lloyd Instruments combining Chatillon and Lloyds into a materials test business. Technitrol Inc. soon after strengthens its test business by acquiring Davenport Instruments, Polymer Test Equipment, and Erichsen GmbH, universal test machines.

1997: AMETEK Inc acquires Technitrol materials test activities and creates the business unit AMETEK Material Testing. Frode Pedersen Co. A/S is acquired by AMETEK Denmark A/S.

2008: AMETEK acquires Newage Testing Instrument, which becomes a part of AMETEK Materials Testing.

2010: AMETEK combines the business units TEST and CALIBRATION into one unit, AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments.

2011: AMETEK TCI introduces a uniform design across a
ll brands.

2013: AMETEK aquires Crystal Engineering, which becomes a part of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments. 

Uniform design across all brands  







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